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Role Club Chukkas

It’s been hard to adequately encapsulate some of the makers I have come across. Their skills are far beyond what I can comprehend, their drive toward quality even more so.

Brian Truong, of Role Club, is one such maker. He works in a ramshackle shop just south of Downtown Los Angeles, sits on a stool that looks like one you’d find thrown in a dumpster, and thinks more highly of his mentor, Ignacio, than he does himself. Meanwhile, the boots he produces are probably the most well-made objects I’ve ever seen.

So, until I feel like I can capture his process, I’ll show you the boots. These are black Chromexcel chukkas inspired by Navy boondocker boots. Granted, I asked Brian to make them a little more office friendly by lowering the heel slightly and using black lace eyelets but the other design elements are all his.

See Role Club on the internet and Instagram.

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