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On A Roll: Chinatown, Los Angeles

I had half a roll of Kodak Gold 200 left over from another shoot, so out I went on my lunch break with a Canon A-1 and 50mm f1.4 lens.

Thirteen frames left on the roll means thirteen shots. Here we go.

Oh, and autofocus is for tourists. 😉














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Michael Bialecki: Documenting the Changes in Myanmar


To me, photography is about making connections. Connections to people. Connections to places. Connections to things.

This is why I love film—because it’s as much a connection to the process as it is the subject. Michael Bialecki, an American photographer, feels the same way when he says:

“I shoot differently when I am shooting film than when I am borrowing one my friend’s digital Leica cameras. It is hard to explain, but I guess I would say that I think different when I am shooting film. It slows me down and I am more aware of what I am doing.”

Check out “Documenting the Changes in Myanmar” over at the Leica Camera Blog for photos (shot on film) just as intoxicating as the one above.

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Omoir Photography

photo: Cristina Gutierrez of Omoir Photography

There are no two ways around it, Cristina, of Omoir Photography pumps out some great stuff.

Some people (nowadays, and more often than not) wield a Canon DSLR with an L lens like they’re some kind of professional but they seldom have the requisite skill or creativity to pull it off. Cristina does.

Over the approximately two years I’ve known her she’s won some awards for her work, “abduction” and has produced some shots that truly make me jealous. In fact, there has been more than one occasion where I’ve stopped in my tracks to think, “Where the hell did she get this idea? And why didn’t I think of this?”

I personally like her darker stuff but I’ve also seen some great portraits coming from her direction.

Check her out. Keep her in mind.